Hyperterminal Setup

HYPERTERMINAL Setup for use with TELESYNC equipment

To initiate HyperTerminal, single click START; move cursor to Programs, Accessories, Communications. Highlight HyperTerminal and click to open. Double click Hypertrm.exe to activate HyperTerminal in a Windows 95 or 98. In a Windows 2000 select HyperTerminal. Under the New Connection screen enter a file name in window (example: TSI-1569) and press the Enter key on the keyboard. This will bring up the Connect To screen.

In the Connect To screen, set the Connect Using box by clicking on the down arrow to select Direct to COM1 (typically COM1 is the RS232 serial port. If another port is to be used, select the proper port). Click OK and COMM1 Properties window will open. Select appropriate BAUD Rate, Data Bits =8; Parity=none; Stop Bits=1; Flow Control=none. If in a Windows 95, 98, click the Advanced button and ensure that Use FIFO buffer is disabled and select OK to close Advanced window. In a Windows 2000 and above system just click OK to close COM1 Properties window.

At this point the HyperTerminal operating screen should appear. From this screen, select File at the top left, and select Properties from the menu and the Properties window for the file name you entered above should appear. Select the Settings tab and then using the down arrow, select Emulation = VT100. Click on the ASCII Setup button. From the ASCII Setup screen, set Line Delay=1ms, and Character Delay=0ms. Disable ‘Send line ends with line feed’ and ‘Echo typed characters locally’. Click OK to close ASCII Setup screen and click OK to close Properties screen.

At this point the HyperTerminal operating screen should appear again as above. Select File at the top left, as before, and select Save to store the HyperTerminal configuration under the file name you selected earlier.

Exit HyperTerminal and then go back into HyperTerminal (START, Programs, Accessories, Communications) and select the file name you entered earlier and the system should be talking to the equipment.


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