Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-5308 OC-3 / OC-12 Source/Distribution Unit



TSI-5308 Rear View



Front Panel Indicators (LEDs)
Power On (Green)
Loss of Light Input (Red)
OC-3 Outputs Mode (Green)
OC-12 Outputs Mode (Green)

Rear Panel Switches
OC-3 or OC-12 Selection
Source or Distribution Selection

OC-3/OC-12 Outputs
Eight SC Type Connectors
1310 nm, -8 to -15dBm

OC-3/OC-12 Input
SC Type Connector
1310 nm, -7 to -32 dBm

Internal Souce Reference
Accuracy +/- 20 ppm

BITS Clock Input
DSX-1 Level
3 Position Terminal Block

EXT STS-1 Input
STSX-1 Level
BNC Connector

RS-232C Interface
DB-9 Male, 9600 baud, 1 Start, 1 Stop, 8 Data Bits, No Parity

Power: -24/48Vdc, 25 Watts
Dimensions: 1.75"H x 14.25"W x 8.25"D
Rack Mount: 19" or 23"
Weight: 5 pounds
Temperature: 0C to 50C Operating, -25C to 75C Storage


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