Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-5308 OC-3 / OC-12 Source/Distribution Unit






The TELESYNC TSI-5308 OC-3/OC-12 Source/Distribution Unit finds applications in the factory, test laboratory and central office wherever large numbers of OC-3 or OC-12 signals are required. The TSI-5308 can operate as an OC-3 or OC-12 Distribution unit by accepting an optical laser signal and generating 8 separate optical laser outputs. The TSI-5308 inputs an OC-3 or OC-12 signal, converts it to an electrical equivalent, dejitters the clock and data, buffers the signal and drives 8 outputs through separate rear panel lasers. In the Distribution mode, TSI-5308 units can be cascaded several levels deep to provide even more outputs without accumulating jitter. The TSI-5308 performs bit error counting of B1, B2, FEBE errors as well as extracting values for Z1, K1 and K2 bytes on the optical input. Values can be displayed using the RS-232C interface.

Operating as an OC-3 or OC-12 Source, the TSI-5308 synthesizes the outputs by providing multiple copies (each STS-1 in the OC-3 or OC-12 are identical) of either an internally generated STS-1 containing a DS-3/M13 framed/PRBS-15 pattern or a rear panel externally supplied STS-1 signal. When operating as a Source the TSI-5308 gets its timing reference from the internal oscillator, or from an external DS-1 Bits clock or from the external STS-1 input signal. The TSI-5308 can be setup and controlled using the rear panel switches. The RS-232C interface permits complete control of the unit.


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