Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-5212 STS-1 / DS-3 Source


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The TELESYNC TSI-5212 STS-1/DS-3 Source's outputs can be configured as DS-3 or STS-1. The DS-3 signal can be selected for internally generated DS-3 M13 or C-Bit Parity PRBS (2e15/2e20/2e23) or AIS data patterns or an externally generated THRU DS-3 signal. The STS-1 signal can be the selected asynchronous DS-3 signal mapped to the STS-1 SPE or optionally, DS-1s mapped to VT1.5 mapped to STS-1 SPE. The optional STS-1/DS-1 signal consists of SF/ESF framed, QRSS DS-1 signals in all 28 DS-1 channels except an inserted DS-1 which can be SF/ESF/OFF framed, QRSS/3:24/55/Octet/1:7/ All 1s/ All Os/THRU. Error insertion on a selected (1-12) output is a valuable aid in routing verification and testing. The TSI-5212 has complete RS-232C control for automated test requirements. The versatility of selected modes of operation with 12 outputs in a 1.75" vertical rack space make the TSI-5212 a valuable addition to STS-1/DS-3 cross connect bays.


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