Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-5212 STS-1 / DS-3 Source


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  • 12 STS-1 or DS-3 Outputs
  • Asynchronous DS-3 Mapped into STS-1
  • Internal DS-3 Signal PRBS (2e15/2e20/2e23) or AIS with M13 or C-Bit Framing or External DS-3
  • DS-1s Mapped to VT 1.5 Mapped to STS-1
  • Rear Panel BNC or Front Panel Weco 440
  • Errors Insert in Selected 1-12 Output
  • RS-232C Interface with an Auxiliary RS-232C Interface for Remote Control of up to 10 TSI-5212 STS-1/DS-3 Sources Or Compatible Units through a single RS-232C Interface
  • Bit Delayed Outputs in Pairs
  • Expandable in Groups of 12 Outputs
  • Rack Mount -48Vdc


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