Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-4528 DS-3 Multiplex Source






Power: Terminal Block -48Vdc, 10 Watts

Dimensions: 1.75"H x 15"W x 10"D
19/23" Rack Mount Standard

Weight: 10 pounds

Temperature: 0C to 50C Operating, -25C to 75C storage

Front Panel Controls and Indicators
DS-1 Select (1 to 28): DS-1 UP/DOWN Switches and two digit display to select and indicate 1 of 28 DS-1s in DS-3 to be configured for pattern, framing, and clock.

DS-1 Pattern Select: Switch and LEDs for QRSS, 3in24, All 1s, 1:7, All 0s, PRG1, PRG2, and THRU (CLOCK AND DATA FROM EXTERNAL DS-1 input).

DS-1 Frame Select: Switch and LEDs to select SF, ESF, or OFF (unframed) framing.

DS-1 Clock Select: Switch and LEDs to select internal Clock 1 or Clock 2 for the displayed timing.

DS-1 Error Insert: Switch inserts one data error and one CRC-6 (ESF) error in the displayed pattern. All DS-1s which are using the same pattern/framing/clock will have error inserted.

DS-3 Output: Switch and LEDs to select DS-3 output for AIS (1010 blue signal), IDLE(1100) or Multiplex.

DS-3 Frame: Switch and LEDs to select DS-3 output for M13 or C-Bit framing.

DS-3 Error Insert: Switch inserts parity error for M13 framing and parity and C-parity for C-Bit framing.

Fail LED: On indicates internally detected failure of the DS-3 output driver.

External Clock LED: On indicates the rear panel externally applied DS-3 signal is providing the DS-3 output timing.

Remote LED: On indicates the RS-232 lock out is enabled. Local control except UP/DOWN select is disabled.

Rear Panel Inputs/Outputs
Outputs: Four DSX-3 rear panel outputs, BNC 75 ohm, identical signals with separate 75 ohm drivers.

RS-232C: DB-9 Male, 1200/2400/4800/9600 baud, 1 stop, 1 start, 8 data bits and no parity.

External DS-1 Input: Terminal block input, Tip/Ring/Sleeve, DSX-1/DSX-1 Monitor Level for THRU pattern.

Reference DS-3 Input: DSX-3 external clock input. Internal jumpers for AC coupled or TTL input and 1K or 75 ohm load.

Monitor Relay: NC, NO and CO indicates unit failure.


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