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TSI-4528 DS-3 Multiplex Source






The TELESYNC TSI-4528 DS-3 Multiplex Source may be used as a stand alone DS-3 source for testing and loading DS-1 channelized DS-3 equipment in the test lab, manufacturing or central office. The wide range of internally generated DS-1 patterns include: five fixed patterns, two user programmable patterns (PRG 1, PRG 2) of up to 2,000 bytes each, selectable SF, ESF, and OFF framing, two internally generated DS-1 clock rates selectable per DS-1 plus the ability to select THRU data and clock from an external DS-1 source. The TSI-4528 simulates "Live Traffic" required to test DACS 3-1-3s and DS-3/DS-1 Multiplexers. Front panel switches allow easy configuration of the 28 DS-1s in the DS-3 outputs. The rear panel RS-232 interface allows complete remote control for automated testing or use in totally remote test applications. The four DS-3 outputs operate M13 or C-Bit framed and include DS-3 error insert for verifying equipment operation. The TSI-4528 DS-3 Multiplex Source has a 1.75" vertical profile and mounts in a 19/23" rack.


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