Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-4528 DS-3 Multiplex Source






  • Four DS-1 Channelized DSX-3 Rear Panel 75 Ohm BNC Outputs
  • 28 Independently Selectable DS-1 Patterns Multiplexed to DS-3 to Simulate Live Traffic
  • DS-1 Patterns QRSS/3 in 24/All 1s/1:7/All 0s/2 Programmable Patterns/THRU
  • DS-1 Framing Selectable for SF/ESF/OFF
  • Two Independent DS-1 Clocks Selectable for Each DS-1
  • DS-1 THRU Mode For Externally Generated DS-1 to be Inserted in the DS-3 Outputs
  • DS-1 Pattern Error Insert Verifies Equipment Operation
  • DS-3 M13 or C-Bit Framing


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