DS-1 and DS-3 Testing
TSI-4515 DS-3 / DS-1 Drop / Insert with BERTS


TSI-4515 with AC Adapter



Product Description
TSI-4515 DS-3/DS-1 Drop/Insert CPR 276827 (13" Rack Mount, -48VDC)
TSI-4515-2 DS-3/DS-1 Drop/Insert with BERTS CPR 276827 (13" Rack Mount, -48VDC)
TSI-4515-3 DS-3 BERTS CPR 276830 (13" Rack Mount, -48VDC)
TSI-4515-1 Portable Chassis (Replaces 13" Rack Mount Chassis) CPR 276828 (Portable, 110VAC)
TSI-4515-4 Dual Unit Chassis (Replaces 13" Chassis) (23" Rack Mount)
P/N 300106 19"/23" Rack Mount Adapters


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