ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-264 X.21 / ISDN Adapter


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ISDN S/T Interface: Compatible with PictureTel LIVE 50/100/200p/SwiftSite/Venue 2000TM videoconferencing systems..

TS-264 Network interface is X.21 compatible. Network interface connectors are 15 PIN ISO 4903, 56kb/s or 64kb/s.

RS-232C: DB-9 female, 19,200 baud, 1 stop, 1 start, 8 data bits, and no parity for maintenance data and firmware upgrades.

Internal Flash Memory permits the TS-264 to be field upgraded through the RS-232 interface.

Power Requirements: 110Vac, 0.2 amps, wall power adapter or 220Vac, 0.1 amps, wall power adapter.

Dimensions: 1.8"H x 8.25"W x 9.0"D

TS-264 X.21/ISDN Adapter - UL Listed
110 Vac power adapter - UL Listed
220 Vac power adapter - CE Mark Listed


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