ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-264 X.21 / ISDN Adapter


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No ISDN availability in your area? No problem!
If you can get X.21(56/64) access, then you can use products that require an ISDN BRI S/T connection.
Permits Videoconferencing in a Non-ISDN Environment
The TS-264 X.21/ISDN ADAPTER allows you to implement many popular ISDN-based videoconferencing systems even if ISDN is not currently available in your area or is difficult to obtain. The TS-264 uses two X.21 and adapts the signals for ISDN BRI connection, permitting 2 x 56/64 kb/s videoconferencing. The TS-264 will operate with remote video systems using ISDN, 2x56 or 2x64 video systems.

The TS-264's attractive, compact design allows it to blend into your office environment. Installation is easy. Simply plug in the AC power adapter, connect the two X.21 network lines at the rear panel and the ISDN line to the videoconferencing system.


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