ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-256 SW56 / ISDN Adapter




  • Enables ISDN-BRI videoconferencing systems to interface with SW56 service
  • Enables ISDN-BRI Bridges or Routers to interface to SW56 service (Remote LAN access, Ethernet and Internet connections)
  • Compatible with most ISDN videoconferencing systems and several ISDN Bridges and Routers
  • Converts two SW56 (Type 1, Optional Type 3) lines to an ISDN Basic Rate S/T interface (2B+D)
  • Converts two DDS 56, 4 wire lines to ISDN BRI S/T interface
  • Terminates ISDN D-Channel and performs call origination on SW56 lines
  • Call termination on SW56 lines conversion to D-Channel call setup
  • Allows T1 circuit user to implement ISDN videoconferencing
  • NT1 or CSU/DSU are not needed


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