ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-235 V.35 / RS-449 to ISDN Adapter



TS-235 Rear View

ISDN S/T Interfaces: Three ISDN S/T interfaces, RJ45 equivalent to NT-1 interface. Emulates switched protocol AT&T 5ESS, Point-to-Point.

V.35/RS-449 Network 1 Interface: Synchronous V.35 or RS-449 interface with support for 56K, 64K, 112K, 128K, 168K, 192K, 224K, 256K, 280K, 320K, 336K, and 384K. Mode 1 Bonding on the ISDN S/T interfaces equalizes the delay. Connector is a DB37. Cables convert rear panel DB37 connector to RS-449 connector or V.35 connector.

V.35/RS-449 Network 2 Interface: Synchronous V.35 or RS-449 interface with support for 56K or 64K. Connector is DB37.

RS-366 Net 1 dialing port, DB25 connector

RS-366 Net 2 dialing port, DB25 connector

RS-232C: DB-9 female 38,400 baud, 1 stoop, 1 start, 8 data bits, and no parity for configuration and maintenance data.

Dialed/Non-Dialed: Permits non-dialed or dial up operation with V.35 or RS-449 Network Interface circuits.

Power Requirements: 110Vac/220Vac, 8 Watt using external module supplied.

Dimensions: 2.25"H x 8.36"W x 9.00"D
Weight 4 pounds.
Temp: 0-50 C


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