ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-235 V.35 / RS-449 to ISDN Adapter




Permits Videoconferencing Using ISDN-Based Systems in a V.35/RS-449 Environment

The TS-235 V.35/RS-449 to ISDN Adapter allows you to interface ISDN-based videoconferencing systems to V.35 and RS-449 dialed and non-dialed networks. The TS-235 uses one or two V.35 or RS-449 lines with RS-366 dialing ports and adapts the signal for 56K, 2 x 56K, 64K, 2x64k, 112K, 128K, 168K, 192K, 225K, 256K, 280K, 320K, 336K, or 384K videoconferencing. Mode 1 Bonding equalizes the delay for the ISDN S/T interfaces. Videoconferences of 2x56K or 2x64K require two V.35 or RS-449 network ports and cables. All other videoconferencing rates require only one V.35 or RS-449 network port.

Installation is easy. Simply plug in the AC power adapter, connect the optional V.35 or RS-449 cables and the optional RS-366 dialing port cables to the appropriate network interfaces. Connect the ISDN cables supplies with the videoconferencing system.


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