ISDN Adapters for Videoconferencing
TSI-235 V.35 / RS-449 to ISDN Adapter




  • Allows interface of ISDN-based Videoconferencing Systems to V.35 and RS-449 Networks
  • Conversion of one or two V.35 or RS-449 Network Interfaces with RS-366 Dialing Ports to ISDN S/T Interfaces
  • Terminates ISDN D-Channels and Performs Call Origination on RS-366 Dialing Ports
  • Call Termination on RS-366 Ports and Conversion to D-Channel Call Setup
  • Mode 1 Bonding on ISDN S/T Interface for 112K, 128K, 168K, 192K, 224K, 256K, 280K, 320K, 336K, or 384K Calls.
  • Dialed or Non-Dialed V.35 or RS-449 Operation
  • Supports Automatic Resynchronization of Selected Cryptographic Devices


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