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TSI-2109 E1 Programmable Source


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TSI-2109 Rear View

Clock Stability: 2.048MHz =/-30ppm, 0 to 50C

Power:-48Vdc, Station Battery, 10 Watts.

Dimensions:1.75"H x 15"W, x 11.75"D
19" and 23" Rack Mount Standard

Weight:4 pounds.

Temperature: 0C to 50C Operating, -25C to 75C Storage

Memory: NV RAM for Programmable Patterns and mode storage, flash for program storage downloadable through RS-232C.

56 Outputs on rear panel wirewrap connectors. Outputs are organized into 7 groups of 8 outputs each. Each group may independently be set for framing, patterns, coding and error insert. The outputs comply with CCITT Recommendation G.703. Internal switch selection for 120 or 75 ohm operation.

Fail N.O. and N.C. Contacts for power or internal circuitry fail, rear panel terminal block connection.

E1 terminal block connections permits THRU mode and the output E1s to be referenced to an E1 timing reference.
DS1 terminal block connections permits the output E1s to be timing referenced to a DS-1.
RS-232C I/O
DB-9 Male, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 start and 1 stop bit, 4800/9600/19200/37400 baud.
Front Panel Switches: Front Panel Indicators:
Group Select 1 to 7 (to slect the 7 rear panel output groups to be configured).

Pattern 2e15-1, 2047, All 1s, Programmable 1 and 2 (PRG 1 defaults to All 0s and PRG 2 defaults to 1010), and Thru( data recoverd from E1 Input).

Framing Selectable by group as Unframed, PCM31, PCM31 with CRC4, PCM30, PCM30 with MFAS and/or CRC4.

Coding AMI or HDB3.

Group Select: 7 Segment Display

Frame Mode: Unframed, PCM30, PCM31 MFAS, CRC-4

Pattern: 2e15-1, 2047, All 1s, PRG1, PRG2, THRU.

Code: AMI, HDB3.

Error Insert OFF, Single, 2x10-4, 2x10-6, 1x10-6, 1x10-7.

Fail: (Internal circuit failure).

External Clock: On.

Remote On: Operation via RS-232C.


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