Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-2109 E1 Programmable Source


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The TELESYNC TSI-2109 E1 Programmable Source may be used as a stand alone E1 source for testing and loading E1 facilities, or it can serve as an E1 clock distribution unit by using the Reference E1 Input with the Pattern THRU mode. Framing is selectable by group as Unframed, PCM31, PCM31 with CRC4, PCM30, PCM30 with MFAS and/or CRC4. Patterns are selectable by group as 2e15-1, 2047, All1s, two 2048-bytes programmable, and "THRU" with HDB3 or AMI coding. The timing reference is either an internal reference oscillator, the Reference E1 Input or the Reference DS1 Input. Front panel switches allow easy set-up and configuration of the 7 groups of 8 outputs (56 total). The 7 groups may be independently set to different patterns, coding and framing. The low 1.75" vertical profile allows the TSI-2069 to be easily added to a crowded rack and provide outputs at the point of need. Fail contacts are available on a rear panel terminal block for status monitoring. The RS-232C interface allows full remote operation and loading of the programmable data patterns.


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