ISDN PRI/VoIP Network Testing
TSI-2069 E1 ISDN Termination Unit


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TSI-2069 & TSI-2069-2




  • Originates and terminates primary rate ISDN calls at Nx56/64 kb/s, HO, H11 and H12 rates.
  • Captures ISDN D-Channel messages and displays in detailed or brief format.
  • Telnet and SNMP using 10Base2 and 10BaseT Ethernet Interfaces
  • Test Mode
    Performs up to 30 simultaneous BERT tests to verify network and customer data line integrity and connectivity.
  • Provides dial-up loopback and predetermined test patterns of N x 56/64 kb/s, H0, H11, and H12 rates via the D-Channel of a E1 ISDN interface.
  • Test D-Channel Layer 3 with preconfigured messages and cause codes.
  • Thru Mode
    Bidirectional protocol analyzer capability with access using RS-232C, Ethernet or through a B-Channel from remote TSI-2069 or equivalent.

  • Cross Connect Mode
    Receives calls, terminates D-Channel, bonds (Mode1) if required and cross connects the Network E1 to the Terminal E1 based on called phone numbers.

  • Monitor Mode
    Connected to the Digital Cross Connect in the C.O., the unit captures, logs and analyzes all Bi-Directional D-Channel messages. Monitoring of all the send and receive messages between the ISDN switch and the customer.
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