Modem Phone Line Testing
TSI-1575 Modem Network Test Unit
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Modem Protocols
V.90: 56000-30000 bits/sec
K56flex: 56000-32000 bits/sec
V.34: 33600-2400 bits/sec
V.32bis: 14400-7200 bits/sec
V.32: 9600-4800 bits/sec
V.22/V.22bis: 2400, 1200, 600 bits/sec
Bell 212A: 1200 bits/sec

Performance Data: Telephone attenuation distortion characteristics, (attenuation versus frequency), Elapsed time, Modulation, Speed, Roundtrip delay, Receive Level, Transmit Level, SNR, and data error statistics.

ISDN: Compliant with Q.931 "ISDN User-Network Interface Layer 3 Specifications for Basic Call Control".

D-Channel Log: A 1000 event ISDN D-Channel message circular log is provided. The log can be displayed in detailed format.

RS-232C: 1 Start Bit, 1 Stop Bit, 8 Data Bits, No Parity at 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400 baud. Used to load Ethernet address and can control the unit if a Telnet session is not in progress. Downloading of firmware updates performed only through RS-232C port.

Telnet: Using 10BaseT Ethernet. Only 1 Telnet or RS-232C session at a time permitted for call origination and TSI-1575 configuration. The last 200 incoming and outgoing calls are saved to a log accessible via a Telnet session or the RS-232C interface. A separate 100 event buffer of the last incoming and outgoing calls which failed are saved and accessible via a Telnet session or RS-232C interface. The failed call events include the time, date, calling number, called number, ISDN call reference value and modem performance data.

SNMP: Traps for DS-1 Alarms including LOS, LOF, AIS, Yellow, and D-Channel not active and unit diagnostic alarms.

Front Panel LED Indicators: Rear Panel Connectors
Power On: Green LED indicates -48Vdc applied.

DS-1 LOS Red LED indicates DS-1 signal not detected.

DS-1 Error Red LED blinks to indicate DS-1 input is making errors.

Alarm Red LED indicates DS-1 LOS, DS-1 Frame Loss, excessive DS-1 errors, D-Channel not active or an internal failure.

Active Green LED indicates one or more of the DS-0 B-channels are active.

DS-1 In/Out Screw-type Phoenix blocks

DS-1 In: 7.2 Vpp to 4.2 Vpp including loss from 2000 feet of cable, 100 ohms balanced.

DS-1 Out: 6 Vpp nominal, 100 ohm balanced.

Framing: ESF

Coding: B8ZS

Ethernet Interface: 10BaseT RJ-45 connector

RS-232C DB-9 Male, 1 Start Bit, 1 Stop Bit, 8 Data Bits, No Parity.

Baud Rate: Switch selectable 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud for RS-232C interface.

-48 Vdc Power: Screw Terminal Blocks -48Vdc @ 20 Watts.

Alarm: Contacts and Common indicates a DS-1 LOS, LOF, excessive DS-1 error, D-channel not up, or card failure.

Dimensions: 1.75"H x 21.25"W x 11"D
23" Rack Mount.

Weight: 6 Lbs.

Temperature: 0C to 50C Operating, -25C to 75C Storage


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