Modem Phone Line Testing
TSI-1575 Modem Network Test Unit
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The TELESYNC TSI-1575 Modem/Network Test Unit provides a "dial up" means of determining the throughput performance of an asynchronous V.90, K56flex, V.34, V.32 modem and the associated telephone lines. The TSI-1575 network connection to a DS-1 ISDN PRI interface. Configuration and control of the TSI-1575 is through the RS-232C interface or the Ethernet 10BaseT interface using a Telnet session.

Telephone numbers for the DS-1 PRI can be provisioned at the CO Switch so all numbers use all channels, or numbers can be restricted to particular groups of channels. If desired, customers can call numbers in one block of channels and field personnel dial numbers that access different channels. In the TSI-1575, any telephone number can be assigned to test for any tariffed rate.

The TSI-1575 supports up to 23 simultaneous incoming and/or outgoing modem calls and performs throughput performance analysis on each one independently. The TSI-1575 notifies the remote modem user of the speed of the connection and whether the connection was equal to or greater than the tariffed data rate. The customer received screen can be customized during configuration of the TSI-1575. The TSI-1575 is also capable of originating calls to modems and performing throughput analysis with control using the RS-232C or 10BaseT interfaces.

The performance data on the previous 200 calls is available through the RS-232C or Ethernet interfaces. A separate previous 100 calls performance data log is provided for failed calls. The logs can be searched based on calling number or called number.


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