ISDN PRI/VoIP Network Testing
TSI-1569-8 Multi-User SyncView GUI with QoV and Echo Testing

Speech Performance Analyzer Viewer

QoV Analysis


Software Option for SyncView and TSI-1569/TSI-2069 ISDN Termination Unit adds Echo and Quality of Voice (QoV) Testing Capabilities.

  • Client/Server Based Multi-User, Multi-Unit SyncView Software with TSI-1569/TSI-2069 ISDN Termination Units
  • Standardized QoV Measurement per ITU-T PAMS and PESQ Recommendation P.862
  • Bi-directional, End-to-End and Round-Trip QoV Testing
  • Speech Performance Viewer with 2-D and 3-D view of Degraded File for Analysis
  • Interfaces to PSTN and Media Gateway via Circuit Switched ISDN T1/E1 Ports
  • Echo Measurements
  • Automated Testing and Reporting
  • Network Performance QoV Verification and Trouble Shooting Features
  • Used with TS-101 Responder for QoV/Echo/TIMS Measurements


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