ISDN PRI/VoIP Network Testing
TSI-1569 ISDN Termination Unit
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TSI-1569 & TSI-1569-2



The TELESYNC TSI-1569 ISDN Termination Unit can be used in four different modes.

Test Mode: The TSI-1569 provides a dial-up means of automatically looping back or generating BERT patterns on any or all of the 23 DS-0 B channels in an ISDN PRI (23B+D) DS-1 data stream. The ISDN Termination Unit can be used to test SW56, SW64, Nx56/64 kb/s, H0, and H11 with a slave TSI-1569-2 (controlled by the Master Unit D-Channel). The TSI-1569 uses the ISDN D-channel to accept or originate calls using Q.931 protocol. In addition to call termination, call origination and BERTS measurements, the TSI-1569 captures up to 1000 D-channel messages and saves them in a log file.

Thru Mode: The TSI-1569 can be installed in the customer DS-1 PRI line (either central office or customer location) to monitor the bidirectional D-channel protocol. Access and control is through the RS-232C interface or dialed up through a B-channel using a TSI-1569 or equivalent.

Cross Connect Mode: The TSI-1569 functions as a network element to terminate the Switch (Network) D-channel and cross connect the Network calls to the DXC DS-1 based on called phone numbers. The TSI-1569 can also perform Mode 1 bonding of the incoming calls before cross connecting. The Cross Connect capability is used to interface ISDN dial-up services to packet or dedicated DS-1 networks.

Monitor Mode: The TSI-1569 functions as a two channel Protocol Analyzer connected to the Digital Cross Connect (DCS) in the C.O. The PRI from the ISDN switch and the CPE are bridged into the TSI-1569. The Monitor Mode is used to capture, log and analyze the D-Channel protocol transactions from the Switch and the Customer directions. This is a useful mode when the customer is having problems originating and/or receiving calls.

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