DS-1 and DS-3 Testing
TSI-1524 DS-1 Multi-Channel BERTS
TSI-1524-6 Six Module Chassis --click to zoom in (119k)


TSI-1524-1 Five Module Chassis -- click to zoom in (60k)


TSI-1524-7 Portable Chassis -- click to zoom in (136k)



The Model TSI-1524 fills the need for testing multiple DS-1's simultaneously. It is a modular system with plug-ins. A unit can be configured with up to four DS-1 Receiver Modules, a Transmitter Module and an Analyzer Module to provide signal analysis - all in a single chassis. Three chassis configurations are available - Six Module 23" rack mount (-48Vdc)m, Five Module 19 rack mount (-48Vdc) and Six Module Portable (110Vac). The TSI-1524 allows testing of all current T carrier, fiber optics T1 facilities and D4 or ESF channel banks.

A minimum configuration chassis has one DS-1 Receiver Module, and either a DS-1 Transmitter Module or an Analyzer Module. A fully loaded chassis contains four DS-1 Receiver Modules, a DS-1 Transmitter Module and an Analyzer Module. An optional 1200/2400 baud modem permits remote control with auto call to a programmed number when a DS-1 Receiver alarm condition is detected.


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