DS-1 and DS-3 Testing
TSI-1524 DS-1 Multi-Channel BERTS


Product Description
TSI-1524-1 Five Module Chassis 19" Rack Mount, -48VDC CPR 101122
TSI-1524-2 DS-1 Receiver Module CPR A72097, CLEI T1PQ05ZWAA
TSI-1524-3 DS-1 Analyzer Module CPR A72098, CLEI T1PQ051WAA
TSI-1524-4 Internal Modem Module
TSI-1524-5 DS-1 Transmitter Module CPR A72395, CLEI T1PQ07ZWAA
TSI-1524-6 Six Module Chassis 23" Rack Mount -48Vdc CPR 674543, CLEI T1PQ095WAA
TSI-1524-7 Portable Chassis 110 Vac CPR 776302
TSI-1524-8 DS-1 Receiver Module For TSI-1524-7 Portable Chassis, CPR 101122
P/N 300109 Blank Module Panel



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