Sources and Distribution Units
TSI-1508 DS-1 Distribution Panel


The TELESYNC TSI-1508 DS-1 Distribution Panel and the TSI-1509-3 DS-1 Programmable Source are used in the central office, factory and test lab where large numbers of DSX-1 signals are required. The TSI-1508 provides a convenient method of routing 56 rear panel outputs of the TSI-1509-3 DS-1 Programmable Source to front panel DS-1 bantam connectors. The TSI-1508 contains 56 DS-1 front panel bantam connectors divided into 7 groups of 8 outputs corresponding to the TSI-1509. Each of the DS-1 bantam connectors provides a 100 ohm termination for each of the 56 TSI-1509 DS-1 output signals.


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